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 Pick and choose here to find the bull that best meets your needs. These stylish young herd sire prospects are powerful on foot and excel in valuable genetic traits.  Many of these Angus bulls rank in the top percentages of the Angus breed for highly heritable traits from top AI sires as well as maternal traits stemming from our proven donor cow, Lady Midland of M A R 183 and her daughters.

All sell semen and Trich tested – ready for service. EPDs are enhanced by genomic testing through AngusGS.
Current and complete pedigree and EPDs may be viewed by clicking on the Reg. No.

Our Place Bulls for Sale

EPDs as of 1-12-2019

8301/11/2018SydGen Black Pearl+12-.2+47+86+2919305495
81201/17/2018SydGen Black Pearl+6-.3+41+76+3019305494
81301/18/2018SydGen Black Pearl+10+1.0+46+76+301911967
8201/23/2018Boyd Cartwright 3303+2+3.6+69+114+2919305564
8221/24/2018Boyd Cartwright 3303+11+1.2+56+102+2219305566
74008/06/2017SAC Conversation+8-.7+46+87+2119174011
74508/15/2017Plattemere Weigh Up K360+5+0+40+70+2619165275
75008/17/2017Spring Cove Paygrade 5064+3+3.1+75+135+23 19167149
75108/17/2017Spring Cove Paygrade 5064+3+3.0+75+134+2219167147
75608/26/2017B3R Pioneer Wave Y409+1+3.3+53+86+1419166199

Bull Power – It’s More Than Just Calving Ease

Start with these Sure Fire FLUSH BROTHERS –

Easy Calving, plus top breed rankings for many valuable traits!



 ~~~~~ Check Out These Paygrade Twins!!!  ~~~~~

That’s right, Powerful Genetics x 2!

Tags 750 & 751 – Powerful growth comes in solid packaging with these twin bulls. Whether marketing your calves at weaning, or sending them to the feedlot, these bulls offer EPDs designed to add value! These bulls rank in the top 2% of the breed for Yearling Weight, Residual Average Daily Gain and $Feedlot; Top 3% of for Weaning Weight; top 4% for Mature Height and $Beef; top 10% for Carcass Weight; top 15% for $Weaned and top 20% for Mature Weight.




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