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Registered black Angus Bulls for sale.

Striving to provide solid genetics focused on creating profitability, we are continually humbled and always thankful for the lasting relationships we’ve been privileged to develop with fellow breeders who put their trust in our program.

A.I. sired, these bulls sell semen and Trich tested – ready for service. All EPDs are enhanced by genomic testing through Neogen’s AngusGS. Pedigree and a complete offering of EPDs may be viewed by clicking on the Reg. No. We welcome you to view the offering, give us a call and stop by to see them in person to select the bull that will work best for you.

Our list begins with two 18-month-old bulls and is followed by our Fall 2020 yearling bulls, born Aug. 2 through Sept. 9. 

EPDs shown are as of 9/4/2021. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Our Place Bulls for Sale

0201/14/2020BUBS Southern Charm AA31+6+.9+57+98+3119839837
02202/19/2020SydGen C C & 7+3+2.6+52+87+3019839841
04108/02/2020Deer Valley Old Hickory+12-.7+53+89+3220044907
04808/08/2020Stevenson Turning Point+9-.6+73+126+2420054837
05208/12/2020Mill Bar Hickok 7242+13+.1+68+114+2420045740
05508/13/2020Mill Bar Hickok 7242+12+.3+57+94+3720056539
05708/13/2020Deer Valley Patriot 3222+11+.5+60+97+1920054838
05908/13/2020Deer Valley Old Hickory+6+.7+56+94+2620046697
06508/15/2020Mill Bar Hickok 7242+11-.2+55+88+2720056537
06708/18/2020MOGCK Entice-.2+2.9+68+114+3420054839
07508/26/2020Deer Valley Patriot 3222+4+3.1+67+109+3020044430
07709/04/2020Stevenson Turning Point+6+.6+64+102+1820044895
07909/06/2020Stevenson Turning Point+13-.5+61+103+2320044893
08209/07/2020Stevenson Turning Point+16-.3+54+93+2220044894
08309/09/2020SAC Conversation+6+1.1+42+81+2720045686

Bull Power – It’s More Than Just Calving Ease

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